Pier & Beam Repair in Clearwater

A crawlspace under the structure was provided by piers and beams when most houses were built during the 1960s. This access is useful for foundation repair. Because pier and beam foundation problems are more complicated than slab foundation problems, they should be addressed as soon as possible by a pier and beam foundation expert in Clearwater. A foundation repair company specializing in pier and beam repairs serves residents of Clearwater.

Process of Foundation Repair

  • Prepare Site – Clearwater’s foundations must be repaired in phases. Shrubs and plants must be removed from the area. A tarp must be placed over the lawn to prevent damage. Regardless of whether the floors are rotten or broken, the crew can replace rotten wood or broken beams in the crawl space as well as build piers.
  • Stabilizing – Lifting the interior floors to their original positions is achieved using hydraulic jacks. Team members should work slowly and systematically to achieve efficiency. Lifts are monitored by the Field Superintendent to ensure they are operating correctly and are not putting unnecessary strain on the structure.
  • Shimming Process – Any shimming installed in the structure is removed after the natural state is restored, and permanent filler and metal filler are installed. Steel beams are installed where necessary to strengthen the floor. In the absence of adequate interior support, the interior floor structure can be stabilized by laying blocks of interior material or by installing steel piers.
  • Pier Completion – A permanent support can be provided by concrete cylinders or steel piers once the structure is raised to its natural position. Once all excavation debris has been removed, the area will be filled in. This house is extremely secure now that we have finished the foundation repair work and installed the Reshimming System. You will be completely satisfied with our warranty.

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