House Lifting & Raising in Clearwater

Do you feel like your basement or crawl space is too low, causing you to hit your head constantly? If you would like more space without encroaching on your backyard, we have a solution for you. Are you tired of paying high insurance premiums for your floor? If so, then you should consider an alternative.

You Want More Space?

You might consider adding a second floor and raising your home if you are thinking about extending your house. By raising your home, you may be able to create a full basement from a crawl space, or to raise your basement ceiling. In addition to the methods mentioned above, there are many other ways to double your living space. You can save as much as 70 percent of the cost of building the same amount of space by finishing a basement or first floor. It’s also important to keep your backyard instead of extending your house. Most residential lots in the city are very small, so there is not much outdoor space to enjoy. By raising your house, you can preserve that outdoor space.

Smarter Than Moving

You should still think about your lifestyle when choosing your new home, even if you like your house and neighborhood. Perhaps your family is expanding or you want to create a space that they can enjoy for years to come. Leasing space may be another option. You may be able to use the money you get from renting a room for renovations.

Flood Protection

A suburb near water is either a freshwater zone prone to flooding, a wetlands, or a low-bank property along the seashore. Many of those cases may require moving the house or elevating it away from the high-water zones. Whether you need a lift after your house floods, or you want to take preventative measures to avoid further flooding in the future, we can help. Climate change can result in sea level rise, flooding, and other negative impacts. House lifting can help mitigate these.

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